Rent a car with a driver in Nice, Monaco and Cannes

Rent a car with a driver in Nice, Monaco and Cannes

Rent a car with a driver in Nice, Monaco and Cannes

Rent a car with a driver in Nice or Monaco is convenient for moving to nearby cities. Vacation, shopping, business trip - we will make your stay in this beautiful country pleasant and carefree.

Choosing a car and accompanying person in our organization has a lot of advantages:

  • You are accompanied by an English-speaking representative who speaks French and will help you speak at the airport, when checking in at a hotel, on a flight, in the customs area.
  • By renting a Mercedes with a driver in Nice, Monaco or Cannes, you can not worry about the situations on the road, possible accidents and the search for parking.
  • Every car has cool drinks, phone chargers, napkins, Wi-Fi and more.

We have professionals with experience and knowledge of cities who will take you along a pre-agreed route, bypassing possible traffic jams. The optimal solution to save your valuable time will be ordering our services. We guarantee to meet the agreed dates of meeting and arrival at the place, we will help you enjoy the journey in the cities of France.

When it’s convenient to rent a car with a driver

To comfortably spend time in Nice and on the Cote d'Azur in France, you can take advantage of our offer. The choice of our company will be relevant for visiting various events:

  • Festivals. At this time, driveways into the city center and entrances to the main buildings are blocked, only authorized cars that have received permits and assigned to a high-ranking guest can pass. With the official invitation, we will submit all the necessary documents for you in advance and get access.
  • Congresses, conventions, exhibitions in Nice. In this case, we will provide car numbers in advance for obtaining permissions.
  • Beach holidays, private yacht ports. If you want to go to private luxury beaches or to one of the ports of yacht clubs, you can not do without renting a car with a driver in Monaco.
  • Shopping on the Cote d'Azur. Unlike Paris, the main boutiques of brand brands are located in different cities: Monaco, Nice, Cannes. Rent a car with a personal driver will be convenient when traveling short distances.
  • Private parties, celebrations. Due to the lack of convenient and comfortable transport infrastructure at a later time, a convenient way to travel to a good restaurant or a party will be our services on the Cote d'Azur.

The advantages of ordering a car in GRAFF

Having ordered a Mercedes for rent with a personal driver in Nice, you will feel confident and comfortable in a country unknown to you. We will create the most comfortable conditions for your stay in France. We can also offer other services, such as booking a hotel room or booking tickets for events.

The cost of rent a car with a driver in Nice

E-class 80 € per hour
S-class 100 € per hour
Maybach 150 € per hour
V-class 90 € per hour
Sprinter 180 € per hour

Turning to us, you get a lot of positive emotions. And we will solve for you any tasks:

  • You do not need to spend time searching for parking, studying routes and traffic nuances in another country.
  • Our representative will meet and deliver you with the least amount of time.
  • We have a wide fleet of cars. You can rent a comfortable, comfortable Mercedes-Benz business class car with a driver in Nice.
  • You can ask the attendant a question, and he will tell you where you can rest according to your requests.
  • Your luggage will be carefully loaded into the trunk and delivered to the hotel.

Interested in renting a car with a non-speaking driver in Nice and other popular French cities? You can clarify all questions by calling +33 781 44 20 50, via Viber and WhatsApp.

Our car park in Paris
Choose the vehicle class that suits you or your company and book it for the date you need
Mercedes E - class
Convenient and comfortable lounge Mercedes E-class cars are not inferior to the premium on comfort
  • Transfer around the city of Paris 60 €
  • Transfer Airport - Paris 110 €
  • Transfer Paris - Disneyland 130 €
  • Transfer Airport - Disneyland 130 €
  • Rent a car with a driver, per hour 60 €
Mercedes S - class
Mercedes S - class do not leave surprising with its luxurious appearance, and intuitively comfortable interior
  • Transfer around the city of Paris 110 €
  • Transfer Airport - Paris 165 €
  • Transfer Paris - Disneyland 180 €
  • Transfer Airport - Disneyland 180 €
  • Rent a car with a driver, per hour 80 €
Mercedes Maybach
Mercedes Benz Maybach is an elongated predecessor of the S-class car more spacious and equipped with a comfort saloon.
  • Transfer around the city of Paris 180 €
  • Transfer Airport - Paris 250 €
  • Transfer Paris - Disneyland 320 €
  • Transfer Airport - Disneyland 320 €
  • Rent a car with a driver, per hour 110 €
Mercedes V-class
Convenient and comfortable minivan business class Mercedes V-class designed for 7 passengers
  • Transfer around the city of Paris 80 €
  • Transfer Airport - Paris 110 €
  • Transfer Paris - Disneyland 140 €
  • Transfer Airport - Disneyland 140 €
  • Rent a car with a driver, per hour 60 €
Mercedes Sprinter
Convenient and comfortable car salon Mercedes Sprinter is not inferior to business class in comfort
  • Transfer around the city of Paris 180 €
  • Transfer Airport - Paris 220 €
  • Transfer Paris - Disneyland 280 €
  • Transfer Airport - Disneyland 280 €
  • Rent a car with a driver, per hour 110 €

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